Honey Festival

Every year during the second weekend of October in Belforte there is the traditional Festa del Miele (The Honey and other seasonal products Festival). The flavours and scents of the Honey Festival allow people to discover an antique, simple yet rich cuisine, but also authentic, deriving from the farmer tradition, passing from generation to generation and making people feel emotions and sensations of the past. A real occasion to discover again the gastronomics of grandmothers. You will have the opportunity to taste the simple slice of bread with honey as well as the delicious cicerchiata, biscuits with anisette, bostrengo, pies, amarettos, walnut cakes, prepared in an excellent way by the locals. In the various ostarias you will try different dishes with mushrooms and truffles. Everything will be animated with popular music and dance. The Borgo streets will be crowded with the artisans evoking the antique professions while kids will be involved in the games and songs of the past.